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Rules and regulations which need to be followed during the competition

PLEASE NOTE: the person who does not follow rules will straight away be disqualified

Protocols Should Be Followed As Such:

  1. Parents have to make sure they are not in the same Room as the Contestants, any violation will result in the contestants being disqualified from the competition.
  2. The Contestants have to make sure they have proper internet connectivity and Fully charged laptops. Any connectivity issues due to internet drop or charging will lead the contestants being disqualified from the competition.
  4. The contestants have to make sure that the cube they are solving and the laptop screen with the timer is visible all the time to the Moderators, failure to share either the visibility of the cube, or visibility of the screen, will result in the contestant being disqualified.
  5. The Moderators decision will be Final and binding, any kind of argument or misbehavior with the Moderators will result in the Contestant being disqualified.
  6. Time Slots and Zoom Meeting credentials will be Shared 1 day prior to the competition via WhatsApp Broadcast Message on the mobile number provided
  7. All important announcements related to the competition will be made on our Facebook page, please make sure you follow our page and go through them regularly to be updated on the latest developments and updates.
  8. The contestants have to makesure, that they login at their respective time slots. The zoom meeting would be locked after 10 minutes, so any contestant who joins the meeting late will not be entertained
  9. Failure to join the zoom meeting in designated time will lead the contestants getting disqualified from the competition.
  10. The contestants have to keep their respective cubes, example:3x3x3, 2x2x2, Pyraminx and Skewb completely solved before they join the zoom meeting
  11. The Contestants will make sure they are logged in to the website www.cfi.in.net before joining the zoom meeting. Please test your login credentials before hand, failing to be logged in to our website will result in the contestants being disqualified.
  12. The contestants have to make Sure their Name is properly displayed in the Zoom meeting, along with their CFI ID. Eg: Minal Shah – CFIMIS1276 Before joining the zoom meeting.
  13. Contestant will be send in Breakout Rooms by the Super Moderators. The super Moderators will call the name of the contestants and allocate them to a Breakout Room, the contestant have to make sure that they click on Join.
  14. Once inside the Breakout room, The Contestant have to make sure they enable the Share Screen, so their timer on their screen is visible to the Moderators all the time. The moderator, who can be one of the Contestants or a Mentor, will tell the name of the cube to be scrambled, example: 3x3x3, 2x2x2, Pyraminx and Skewb
  15. The contestants select the cube option on the website from the drop down menu on the website cfi.in.net
  16. The contestants will Scramble the cube, when the moderators asks them to do so, by looking at the Scrambling algorithm from the Screen.
  17. After Scrambling the cube the contestants will show the cubes to the moderator.
  18. When the Moderators says start the Contestant, click the start button (Space Bar) * on the website the *15 Second Inspection Reverse timer gets started, if the Contestants inspects the cube before 15 Seconds, they hit the start timer (Space bar) again and start solving their respective cubes.
  19. Once the contestant is done solving the cube, they will click the stop button on the website, and say aloud with their name, ”I am done” when they are finished. Example: Minal Shah done.
  20. The contestants will show the completely solved cube to the moderator.
  21. If the contestants is participating in more than one cube, The contestants will similarly solve all the cubes they are participating, one after the other as instructed by the Moderator.
  22. When the Contestants are done solving all the cubes, they will leave the Breakout room and join the main session and can only leave with the permission of the Super Moderators . Example: sir/ma’am this is Minal Shah I have completed all my cubes solve. can I leave?
  23. Each Contestants will be awarded a soft copy of Participating Certificate. The same can be downloaded after logging in to our website https://www.cfi.in.net My Account > Certificate
    Please make sure you are doing the above step from a desktop / laptop
  24. In case the contestants are winning Excellence medals, Big cube awards or Top 5 individual award Soft copy of the same can be downloaded from our website
  25. Winners will be announced on our website https://cfi.in.net/top_5_winners
  26. Please remember it is not the winning but the participating which is more important. Remember to have fun and enjoy your solves.
  27. Contestants have to make Sure that they are using Laptop / Desktop for the competition. We recommend using these Browsers only on the Day of Competition Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft edge, Opera Mini.
    Absolutely no Contestants will be allowed to participate with Mobile / Tablet

Judging and Declaration of Winner on Websites -

  1. In the event of any dispute regarding the rules, conduct, results and all other matters relating to a Competition, the decision of CFI/CFI Delegates / Moderators shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.
  2. If a competition entrant does not meet the eligibility requirements or is subject to any entry restrictions, that entrant shall not be entitled to be adjudged a winner, and will not be entitled to a prize in any circumstances.
  3. The decision of CFI/CFI Delegates / Moderators in respect of all matters to do with the competition /prizes will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  4. for the TOP 5 rank holders- for score 7 seconds and less, another round of verification and validation is performed by CFI team, if a candidate is found to be misleading the moderator by doing any of the below actions/similar :

    - By fake scramble

    - Cube out of camera frame for a fraction of seconds

    - Not holding the cube steady to verify the scramble

  5. Contestants will be disqualified from the whole event if found using unfair means in any one of the cube can lead him/her to be disqualified from the complete event.i.e. he/she cannot be a winner for other event within the same competition event.
  6. Contestant/s will get marked as “Using Unfair Means” against the respective cubes
  7. Using Unfair means also puts the fair player at Disadvantage, we at CFI take utmost care to keep the competition Fair, Honest and Enjoyable.
  8. Three(3) chances will be allowed to all the contestants to match the scrambled picture with their scrambled cube, failing to do so can result in disqualification. To avoid this scenario please refer to all the scrambling videos shared. So for example, first time the scramble is not matching with the image then contestant needs to solve the cube and again scramble, so third time if the online image and scrambled cube does not match- it may result in disqualification).
  9. Scramble cube needs to be shown to the Moderator to check and verify, at this step the candidate should not do the following -

    - keep on rotating cube to show all the sides.

    - keep on rotating hands or shaking them.

    - start solving the cube without agreement of Moderator.

    - moving the pieces during the inspection time.

    - dropping the cube intentionally/by mistake.

    - cube getting out of camera frame for any reason possible.

    - Parents pressing the start/stop button of timer on behalf of the contestant.